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Light Painting Photography
real estate photography eagle idaho Castlebury front
real estate photography front Ester Brooke boise idaho

These stunning images allow us to have full control of the lighting.  We are able to highlight features about the property that wouldn’t normally be possible taking regular HDR photos.  By doing this we have the ability to highlight trees, fountains, archways, bushes, eaves, doorways, etc.  Anything that helps add value to the home can be highlighted with our light painting technique.

Our light painting technique is the latest in real estate photography innovation.  With this specialized technique, we combine artificial light, natural ambient light, and studio lighting to composite an image that brings out the full beauty of commercial and residential real estate photos.

This special technique was taught to Candy Hour by one of the most sought after architecture and interior photographers around; Mike Kelley. His light painted photos have quickly become a staple in the commercial and advertising world. Mike Kelley quickly become so successful with his photographs, he has decided to share his unique art with others.  Candy Hour Media has gone through his rigorous training and tutorials and now we are able to offer this amazing service in the Boise, Idaho area.